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"Devon is a natural talent with invaluable experience, he is joyfully involved in giving your songs the life that they deserve. He is an unstoppable force of ambition, you have no choice but to be propelled forward with him in the direction you want to go."
- Catherine Hiltz, HOT PANDA

"Devon's offbeat sensibilities and artist-friendly production aesthetic are unstoppable. He is a radical producer who can highlight the creative qualities of traditionally-less-marketable bands just as deftly as big shiny radio artists."
- Josh Bowman, BOWMANSOUND

"You can have access to incredible studio gear and instruments, but without a producer/ engineer/ hype-man that can inspire and excite musicians, it's all kind of useless. Even with his vast knowledge of musical theory, instruments, engineering, and production, this is Devon's strongest asset! He set the standard of an energetic and a positive vibe the moment he walked into the studio on the first day of tracking. He has a really specific skill set to be able to simultaneously critique and encourage artists as to capture their 'mojo' and 'swagger' while the red light is on. "

"Devon's live show is an insanely enthusiastic musical journey, which is as enjoyable to watch as it is diffiult to predict, and like most good art, it’s hard to describe. I truly believe that some, or all parts of what Devon is doing musically, will help shape the landscape of the Canadian indie scene in the near future."

"In a live setting, Devon is the Willy Wonka of Canadian indie rock (you should be picturing Gene Wilder right now, not Johnny Depp)."
- Dan Carruthers, MUCH / MTV CANADA

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