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Your artistic vision will be fulfilled through my organic approach to production, which focuses strongly on songwriting, pushing artists creatively, and exploring unique sounds. You'll benefit strongly from a combination of focused vision, knowledge, and leadership alongside technical tools and studio tricks.

Do you want your song be "sung be the whole world"? You'll love the collaborative process of preproduction and punching-up tunes. This doesn't mean that I'll take your tunes and force you to play them in a certain formulaic way; rather, it's a process of back-and-forth that will fine-tune your song and truly take it to the next level.

I will execute your vision sharply, and push you to expand without altering your artistic identity. Working with me, you can unleash and harness a radical creativity - and catch the whole thing on tape. You'll treat the studio experience itself as an instrument, and have fun doing it.

I am available for:

  • collaborative songwriting
  • preproduction / song punch-up
  • in-studio production
  • commissioned songs and placements
  • start-to-finish production of entire projects

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