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Your live show needs to represent YOU as an artist and broadcast YOUR MESSAGE with maximum showman/womanship. Together, we will develop your confidence as a performer and create a focused and memorable live show that will enable genuine connection with your audience.

Whether you're a natural performer or not, it really pays to take a moment to critically assess and hone your live show. From years of playing on stages of all sizes, from tiny all-ages art spaces to massive international festivals, I've had the chance to learn from and be inspired by many top-rate live shows. You will benefit from my experiences with communication, show pacing and setlist, stage set up and movement, confidence, and much more.

While I see huge benefits from live punch-up and performance coaching, this doesn't mean that I'll force your show to fit into a predetermined one-size-fits-all routine. Instead, we will draw out and and highlight various significant "moments" in your set, amplify your unique artistic voice to make you seem "larger than life", and gradually seduce the audience by the end of your set. Sounds sexy, because it is!

Whether you have an upcoming tour or important showcase or simply want your band to be "better" live, I've got ideas and great ways to kick-start a really productive live coaching session and shape your live show into an unstoppable machine.

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