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I am a Toronto-based producer, musician, performer, and songwriter bringing over a decade of performing and recording experience to take your recorded music and live show to the next level.

I've produced/cowritten tunes that have been featured on CBC, commercial AAA stations, Sirius XM and campus radio stations across North America. I've produced sessions at many top-tier studios such as The Warehouse, Mushroom, Monarch, Verge, and The Chalet. Years of touring with Hey Ocean!, and my new band Smashing Satellites have taken me all over the globe for shows in venues from dive-bar-basements to festival stages (Osheaga, Squamish, Reeperbahn, Big Sound). 2015 will see the release of several records I've produced, including Hot Panda, Sidney York, and roboteyes.

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Photos by Christine McAvoy, Geoff Fitzgerald, and whoever grabbed my iPhone.